Septoplasty/Deviated Septum Repair

What is Septoplasty?

The nasal septum is a midline structure in our nose made of bone at the top, back and bottom and cartilage along the front and separates the nasal passages into a right and left side. Patients can either be born with a deviated septum or develop one due to trauma like breaking their nose. Often there is no external deformity associated with a deviated septum, but patients will complain of unilateral or bilateral constant day and night nasal obstruction. When severe it can lead to more serious conditions like recurrent or chronic sinus infections or sinus headaches by blocking the sinus drainage openings as well as snoring, sleep apnea, recurrent nosebleeds, and other nasal/sinus issues.

septoplastyRepairing Deviated Septums

At C/V ENT Surgical Group our nose/sinus surgeons are experts at repairing deviated septums via a 30-60 minute outpatient surgery done at a state-of-the-art nose/sinus surgery center. They will often combine the procedure with submucous resection (SMR) of the turbinates and nasal valve repair so all of your breathing issues are addressed once and for all. As such our surgeons have the lowest risks for revision surgery, scar tissue formation or re-deviation of the septum in all of Los Angeles. Our surgeons are often specialists patients seek revision surgery when problems occurred after their previous surgery.


Patients usually leave the surgical center 1-2 hours after the procedure with minimal pain/discomfort and no external bruising or splints. Our surgeons will either place no packing, dissolvable packing, internal splints or regular packing for 1 night only. Patients will usually say the tip of their nose is mildly sore and feel some pressure but no significant pain for about a week. Most patients report either not taking pain medications or only taking it for 1-3 days after surgery. Most patients are back to work 3-5 days after surgery.


Many patients will combine septoplasty with cosmetic changes to the external appearance of their nose via a rhinoplasty (aka nose job). Our surgeons are experts at this as well and can provide the cosmetic changes you seek, however, this portion of the surgery is not covered by insurance. Please see the rhinoplasty section of our site for more information on this additional procedure.

As such if you can’t breathe through your nose for some time now and are frustrated of using over the counter meds, breathe-rite strips, Afrin and various other self-soothing techniques, contact one of our Los Angeles nose doctors to discuss your options.